By: The Chronicler

This episode is just an introduction, nothing too heavy.


Episode 2 - China's mythological Origins

By: The Chronicler

This episode is about the very earliest Chinese origin story. It contains the stories of Xuan Yuan/ Huangdi, Shennong - the farmer/medicine God and a demon known as Chi You.


Episode 3 - Yao, Shun and Yu

By: The Chronicler

This episode is about the exploit of the last of the ancient Chinese sage kings.We have Yao who was extremely benevolent, Shun who was a classic model of filial piety and Yu, who became known as Yu the great for taming The Yellow River. Enjoy!


Episode 4 - The Xia Dynasty

By: The Chronicler

We begin a new chapter in Chinese history, with the age of dynasties coming into effect. The episode leaves behind Yu the Great and covers the legacy/dynasty he left behind, which lasted from 2070 BC until 1600BC (around 500 years in total).


Episode 5 - Fall of the Xia, Rise of the Shang

By: The Chronicler

In this episode - We look into the fall of the Xia dynasty at the Battle of Mingtiao. Afterwards, the Shang replaced them.The main theme for this week will discuss what the Shang is most famous for, and the lifestyle of Shang society.


Episode 6 - Noteworthy Characters of the Shang

By: The Chronicler

In this week's episode, we discuss the characters who really made the Shang thrive.


Episode 7 - The Fall of the Shang

By: The Chronicler

This episode will cover the fall of the Shang dynasty.The last king of the Shang - Wu Ding/ Shang Zhou Wang, was completely nuts, and it was all due to his favourite concubine - Su Da Ji.This episode also covers how the Zhou rose as the Shang declined.


Episode 8 - The Mandate of Heaven

By: The Chronicler

Today's episode is a little supplemental episode which basically talks about the Mandate of Heaven and it's effects.The Zhou used this to justify their overthrow the tyranny of the Shang, who knew they set in motion a concept that would outlast them by well over 1,000 years.


Episode 9 - The Western Zhou Dynasty

By: The Chronicler

This episode describes the Zhou dynasty, between the years 1046BC to 771BC. This part of the Zhou dynasty was a hell of a lot more peaceful than the Eastern Zhou that's for sure... But that's for the next episode!


Episode 10 - The Spring and Autumn Period

By: The Chronicler

This episode covers the Spring and Autumn period in Ancient China. This period is a mess to go through historically or even chronologically. So the best thing I could do was cherry pick a few interesting stories from the time and speak about them.


Episode 11 - Confucianism

By: The Chronicler

This episode covers the basics of Confucius's life and the basics of his philosophy. Emphasis on the word basic! Hope you enjoy!


Episode 12 - Daoism

By: The Chronicler

This episode contains very basic features about Daoism. For exampe, it's origins, studying the Dao, Yin and Yang as well as the forces of Qi! Hope you enjoy!!


Episode 13 - Legalism

By: The Chronicler

This episode covers the basics of legalist thought which bloomed during the Spring and Autumn Period. Also, this episode covers the 3 main proponents of legalism: Zhang Yang, Han Feizi and Li Si. Hope you enjoy it!


Episode 14 - The Art of War

By: The Chronicler

This episode explores 'The Art of War' written by Sun Tzu as well as the life of Sun Tzu himself. Hope you enjoy!


Chinese New Year Special!

By: The Chronicler

This episode is about the 2 biggest legends surrounding the Chinese New Year: The Great Race and the Story of Nian. I hope you all enjoy this episode and I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!



Episode 15 - The Warring States Period

By: The Chronicler

This episode contains a little snippet into the Warring states period in Chinese history. It's also known as Zhan Guo (战国).


Episode 16 - The Rise of Qin

By: The Chronicler

In today's episode we cover the rise of the state of Qin and what I believe, is the 4 MAIN reasons why Qin were successful in their conquests:

1. Geography

2. Attracting talent

3. The reforms of Shang Yang

4. The incompetence of the other states.


Forgotten Wars Podcast Promotion

By: Michael Buster

In this weeks episode, you take a break from hearing my boring old voice and you will hear the voice of my good friend Michael Buster and his first episode of the Forgotten Wars Podcast! If you wanna listen to Michael's show, you can do so on Apple Podcasts!


Episode 18 - The Qin Dynasty, Part 1

By: The Chronicler

In today's episode I am covering the conquests of Qin and how it all really started with a man named Lu Buwei. The dude wasn't a prince or a king or a noble, but a merchant...

Hope you enjoy the episode!


Episode 19 - The Qin Dynasty Part 2

By: The Chronicler

This new episode covers what China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi does when he becomes emperor after conquering all of the warring states.

This new emperor didn't just sit back, and relax in a palace, but did a lot that changed Chinese history forever.

Hope you enjoy the episode and learn something new!


Episode 20 - The Fall of the Qin Dynasty

By: The Chronicler

This episode takes a look into why after such a rise, the Qin dynasty came tumbling down and fell apart after the death of Qin Shi Huang.

Hope you enjoy the episode!


Episode 21 - The Chu-Han Contention

By: The Chronicler

This episode covers the Chu-Han Contention.

This period between 206-202 BC is covered in a huge amount of detail, and here I am trying to squeeze it all into 20 minutes.

For those of you who do not know, the Chu-Han contention is the war fought between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, the odds were totally stacked against Liu Bang, but it would seem he had heavens mandate and won the war to then found the Han dynasty by 202 BC.


Episode 22 - The Establishment of the Han Dynasty

By: The Chronicler

In this episode we explore what Liu Bang does when he becomes emperor Gaozu and what he does to retain power.

The episode will break down his actions into 4 main points:

Social changes

Political changes

Military campaigns

Succession issues.

Hope you enjoy!


Episode 23 - The Western Han Dynasty

By: The Chronicler

This episode was taken with a different mic, so sorry if it sounds different!

Today's podcast takes a different approach to the usual that is discussed in he Han Dynasty. The Western Han in particular, is famous for territorial expansion, centralization of power to the emperor, the revival of Confucianism and of course the imperial examination system.

HOWEVER, so much more gets missed and THIS is what today's episode discusses. The Poetry, the art, the inventions and the music are all in this episode so go check it out!

Be sure to listen in.

I got my poetry sample from this website here:

Be sure to check it out if you want the FULL POEM!


Episode 24 - Han Wu Di

By: The Chronicler

This episode covers the very famous reign of Emeror Han Wudi.

Liu Che, who also became known as emperor Wu, was one of China's longest lasting emperors ever, he kept that record up until the Qing dynasty over 1,000 years later. Han Wudi is known for 3 major things, which is what this episode discusses:

1st - Political unity and centralising imperial authority

2nd - bringing Confucianism to the forefront of Chinese state philosophy

3rd - Military conquests and expanding the empire

Hope you enjoy the episode!


Episode 25 special! Comparison - Han China and Ancient Rome

By: The Chronicler and Death of the Roman Republic

Today's episode will take us away from the chronological timeline and I will interview my friend Death of the Roman Republic podcaster!

We discuss many different topics between Rome at the time of Augustus and the Han dynasty such as religion, territory and populations as well as many more!

Please be sure to give feedback to both of us!

Here is the link to DOFTRR's page:


Episode 26 - The death of Han Wu Di, Decline of the Han, In with the 'New'

By: The Chronicler

This episode talks about the brief period where the Han dynasty is usurped by the powerful minister Wang Mang in 9AD.

What replaces the Han is the Xin/New Dynasty, however despite this new order, it would only last 14 years and die with the death of it's first emperor.

This episode explores why Wang Mang decided to usurp power and what happened after he created his new dynasty.

Tune in to find out!


Episode 27 - The Silk Road

By: The Chronicler

This episode covers the famous Silk Road, which was a trade route officially established during the Han dynasty.

This episode covers 4 main points:

1. How the silk road came into being

2. The goods traded between East and West

3. The Chinese secret to making silk

4. The flow of Buddhism along the silk road into China.

Hope you enjoy!


Episode 28 - Dragon Boat Special!

By: The Chronicler

This week, we take a wee break from our narrative and chronological podcast, and dive into the legend behind one of China's most celebrated festivals - the Dragon Boat Festival!

This episode will take a look into the extremely famous poet Qu Yuan, and his story during the Warring States period and his legacy.

Hope you enjoy!


Episode 29 - The Eastern Han Dynasty

By: The Chronicler

This podcast episode discusses the the Eastern Han dynasty, right from the restoration and why it then collapsed again.

I hope you enjoy the episode!



Episode 30 - The Yellow Turban Rebellion

By: The Chronicler

This episode discusses the Yellow Turban rebellion, both it's causes and effects.

Hope you enjoy the episode!